Book After It Happened

    Book Details:
  • Author : Clare James
  • Publisher : CJ Books
  • Release : 2018-05-25
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : 247 pages

Download or read After It Happened PDF, written by Clare James and published by CJ Books. This book was released on 2018-05-25 with total page 247 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt:

Book Then He Happened

    Book Details:
  • Author : Claudia Burgoa
  • Publisher : Claudia Burgoa
  • Release : 2020-05-06
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : 280 pages

Download or read Then He Happened PDF, written by Claudia Burgoa and published by Claudia Burgoa. This book was released on 2020-05-06 with total page 280 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Jason is a cynical rich playboy. He doesn’t take life seriously, He doesn’t believe in settling down. Eileen's thirtieth birthday is almost here. But as always she's her parent’s afterthought. Her family is too busy planning a shotgun wedding for her older sister—and she has to help. It’s just another year where she’s overlooked. But the best man is smoking hot and actually notices her and makes her feel special. Jason doesn’t believe in commitment, but Eileen intrigues him. She’s not the kind of girl he usually hooks up with. She doesn’t even fall for his charm. He’s made it his task to convince her that he’s not the shallow man she thinks he is. But can Jason give up his playboy lifestyle to become what Eileen needs?

Book Making It Happen

    Book Details:
  • Author : Peter Sheahan
  • Publisher : BenBella Books, Inc.
  • Release : 2011-04-05
  • ISBN : 1935618849
  • Pages : 324 pages

Download or read Making It Happen PDF, written by Peter Sheahan and published by BenBella Books, Inc.. This book was released on 2011-04-05 with total page 324 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The world is not short of ideas, but it is short of people who know how to carry them out. "Making It Happen" unravels the process of taking a good idea and turning it into a successful venture. Author Peter Sheahan guides the reader through the five competencies that will enable you to understand and utilize the forces that drive buyers' behavior, break through mental barriers and effectively position your offer in the market. Whether you are looking to start a business, get promoted or launch a social movement, this book will streamline your thinking so you can finally turn your good ideas into great results. Peter Sheahan has a reputation for making it happen fast. By 30, he had established two international multimillion-dollar consulting practices and authored five books, including the bestsellers "Generation Y" and "Fl!p." Let him share with you the strategies that make Google, BMW and Goldman Sachs his clients.

Book It Happened on Negro Mountain

    Book Details:
  • Author : Jeff Carroll
  • Publisher : Black Bed Sheet Books
  • Release : 2014-07-12
  • ISBN : 0692255656
  • Pages : 280 pages

Download or read It Happened on Negro Mountain PDF, written by Jeff Carroll and published by Black Bed Sheet Books. This book was released on 2014-07-12 with total page 280 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Matthew Abraham is a drug dealer being forced out of his empire in Baltimore, Maryland. Rather than submitting to the pressures of the younger dealers, he decides to destroy his empire and leave his neighborhood turf with his baby mother and seven year old daughter Destiny, leaving behind a gang war to take up residence in Negro Mountain, located along the Mason-Dixon line. Destiny, disturbed and frightened by her parents’ gang banging lifestyle, turns to the spirits of her departed grandmother and of Negro Mountain itself who speak to her through the dolls she plays with, and bestow upon her powers to manipulate nature through prayer. The saying is, Negro Mountain is a place where bad things happen to bad people. So when negative energy meets with the energy resting in Negro Mountain the outcome is always the same. The Mountain wins.

Book ERP  Making It Happen

    Book Details:
  • Author : Thomas F. Wallace
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release : 2001-08-03
  • ISBN : 0471392014
  • Pages : 389 pages

Download or read ERP Making It Happen PDF, written by Thomas F. Wallace and published by John Wiley & Sons. This book was released on 2001-08-03 with total page 389 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Follow the "Proven Path" to successful implementation of enterprise resource planning Effective forecasting, planning, and scheduling is fundamental to productivity-and ERP is a fundamental way to achieve it. Properly implementing ERP will give you a competitive advantage and help you run your business more effectively, efficiently, and responsively. This guide is structured to support all the people involved in ERP implementation-from the CEO and others in the executive suite to the people doing the detailed implementation work in sales, marketing, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics, finance, and elsewhere. This book is not primarily about computers and software. Rather, its focus is on people-and how to provide them with superior decision-making processes for customer order fulfillment, supply chain management, financial planning, e-commerce, asset management, and more. This comprehensive guide can be used as a selective reference for those, like top management, who need only specific pieces of information, or as a virtual checklist for those who can use detailed guidance every step of the way.

Book It Happened One Autumn

    Book Details:
  • Author : Lisa Kleypas
  • Publisher : Hachette UK
  • Release : 2010-09-02
  • ISBN : 0748120440
  • Pages : 320 pages

Download or read It Happened One Autumn PDF, written by Lisa Kleypas and published by Hachette UK. This book was released on 2010-09-02 with total page 320 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: From the New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas comes the next title in the beloved romance series The Wallflowers - perfect for fans of Sarah MacLean, Julia Quinn and Eloisa James. 'Kleypas can make you laugh and cry - on the same page' Julia Quinn, Sunday Times bestselling author of the Bridgerton series The Wallflowers: four young ladies at the side of the ballroom make a pact to help each other find husbands . . . no matter what it takes It happened at the ball . . . Where beautiful but bold Lillian Bowman quickly learned that her independent American ways weren't entirely 'the thing'. And the most disapproving of all was insufferable, snobbish, and impossible Marcus, Lord Westcliff, London's most eligible aristocrat. It happened in the garden . . . When Marcus shockingly - and dangerously - swept her into his arms. Lillian was overcome with a consuming passion for a man she didn't even like. Time stood still; it was as if no one else existed. It happened one autumn . . . Marcus was a man in charge of his own emotions, a bedrock of stability. But with Lillian, every touch was exquisite torture, every kiss an enticement for more. Yet how could he consider taking a woman so blatantly unsuitable . . . as his bride? 'Lisa Kleypas is the best' Sarah MacLean The Wallflowers: Secrets of a Summer Night It Happened One Autumn The Devil in Winter Scandal in Spring A Wallflower Christmas Praise for Lisa Kleypas 'Lushly sexy and thoroughly romantic . . . superbly crafted characters and an intriguing plot blend together brilliantly in this splendid romance' Booklist 'Intricately and elegantly crafted, intensely romantic . . . from a not-to-be-missed romance author' Kirkus Reviews 'Witty, often hilarious, and delightfully passionate' Library Journal, starred review 'An unforgettable story peopled with remarkable characters and a depth of emotion that will leave you breathless' Romantic Times BOOKreviews 'Is it possible to give a book 6 stars? . . . [This] story has all of the forbidden romance, witty banter, and sigh-inducing declarations of love that you deserve' That's Normal

Book It Happened One Night

    Book Details:
  • Author : Lisa Dale
  • Publisher : Hachette UK
  • Release : 2009-11-01
  • ISBN : 0446559474
  • Pages : 368 pages

Download or read It Happened One Night PDF, written by Lisa Dale and published by Hachette UK. This book was released on 2009-11-01 with total page 368 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it. Lana Biel has always wanted to shake the dust of Vermont off her feet and see the world, one exotic country after another. But when a lighthearted spring fling changes her life forever, she turns to the one man whose strong shoulders can lighten any burden: her best friend, Eli Ward. Eli has always been there for Lana--after all, that's what best friends do. But Lana isn't the only one hiding something. Eli is keeping secrets of his own that threaten their relationship. Yet as summer turns to fall, new desires awaken between them, even as old fears tear them apart. Then, when another Vermont winter fills the valleys with snow, Eli and Lana are given the chance for an adventure greater than they ever dreamed possible...and a love that will last for all time.

Book Tell Me What Happened

    Book Details:
  • Author : Michael E. Lamb
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release : 2011-08-24
  • ISBN : 1119965705
  • Pages : 345 pages

Download or read Tell Me What Happened PDF, written by Michael E. Lamb and published by John Wiley & Sons. This book was released on 2011-08-24 with total page 345 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Investigation of child abuse is often hampered by doubts about the reliability of children as only sources of information. Over the last decade, consensus has been reached about children's limitations and competencies. New for the Wiley Series in the Psychology of Crime, Policing and Law, Tell Me What Happened summarizes key research on children's memory, communicative skills and social tendencies, describes how it can be incorporated into a specific structured interview technique and reviews evidence involving more than 40,000 alleged victims.

Book It Happened in Brazil

    Book Details:
  • Author : William Oxley Cook
  • Publisher : Xulon Press
  • Release : 2007
  • ISBN : 1600349587
  • Pages : 122 pages

Download or read It Happened in Brazil PDF, written by William Oxley Cook and published by Xulon Press. This book was released on 2007 with total page 122 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Bill and Dora Cook wish to share with the Christian community the adventure and romance of seeing Gods hand in their lives and lives they have touched through many years. (Motivation)

Book What Happened to Johnnie Jordan

Download or read What Happened to Johnnie Jordan PDF, written by Jennifer Toth and published by Simon and Schuster. This book was released on 2002 with total page 330 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: A tale of youth violence in America and the juvenile justice system's inability to stop it focuses on Johnnie Jordan, a fourteen-year-old boy who murdered his elderly foster mother, one of the few people in his life who actually cared about him.

Book The Place Between the Pillars

    Book Details:
  • Author : Brandon Glossop
  • Publisher : FriesenPress
  • Release : 2017-02-24
  • ISBN : 1525500406
  • Pages : 288 pages

Download or read The Place Between the Pillars PDF, written by Brandon Glossop and published by FriesenPress. This book was released on 2017-02-24 with total page 288 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: He talked quickly and enthusiastically as the cocaine dripped down the back of his throat, and he knew he was trying to impress the drug dealer. He told him how the world shook if you were close enough and the blast was strong enough—how up and down got mixed up and there was only colors and heat. He told him how dirt and debris showered down on you, tapping on your helmet, and how for a moment it sounded and felt like rain. He told him about the few seconds of silence that followed, but then the apartment buzzer rang, and he instantly remembered her, waiting outside for him and the heroin.

Book The Mammoth Book of How it Happened   America

Download or read The Mammoth Book of How it Happened America PDF, written by Jon E. Lewis and published by Hachette UK. This book was released on 2012-03-01 with total page 512 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Hear the cannon roar at Valley Forge with George Washington, dance the night away at a Chicago Speakeasy during Prohibition, take a ringside seat for the gunfight at the OK Corral, ride Apollo 11 to the moon, hear Martin Luther King's 'I Have a Dream' speech, join with Harry S. Truman on the A-bomb deliberations, land with John Smith at Virginia, ride against Custer at Little Horn, get on down to Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, march to 'The Grapes of Wrath' at Shiloh, work your fingers to the bone at Henry Ford's car plant . . . this is America - the beautiful, the powerful, the tragic, the glorious. The Mammoth Book of How It Happened: America is the story of the making of America in the very words of those who were there, from its 'discovery' by Christopher Columbus to George W. Bush's War Against Terrorism. Composed of firsthand eye-witness accounts of the seminal moments in US history, this is an intimate, revealing, insightful guide to the greatest nation on earth. In five chronological sections, this volume tracks the main phases of American history: Discovery, including the exploration and settlement of America; Independence, the Revolution and wars against British rule; Destiny, covering expansion into the West and the split between North and South; Frontier, including the settlement of the American West and the Indian Wars; and finally Century, the 100 years that saw America becoming a superpower on the world's political stage.

Book What Happened to Goodbye

    Book Details:
  • Author : Sarah Dessen
  • Publisher : Penguin UK
  • Release : 2011-06-02
  • ISBN : 0141342072
  • Pages : 416 pages

Download or read What Happened to Goodbye PDF, written by Sarah Dessen and published by Penguin UK. This book was released on 2011-06-02 with total page 416 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: What Happened to Goodbye is a captivating young adult novel about learning to be true to yourself, from New York Times Number One bestseller Sarah Dessen, author of Just Listen and Lock and Key. Mclean never lets herself get too attached. . . After the scandal of her mother's affair, Mclean and her dad chose life on the road. But since losing her family and home Mclean has lost herself too; she's been Eliza, then Lizbet, then Beth - changing her name as often as she changed towns. Until now. Her neighbour, Dave, is like no one she's met before. It's as if she's always known him, and just like that, she becomes Mclean again. Is it finally time to stop reinventing? Or will Mclean turn her back on the new life she loves, without even saying goodbye... Acclaim for Sarah Dessen: 'Unputdownable' MIZZ 'A poignant coming-of-age story' Big Issue 'A compelling story and beautifully written' Time Out Sarah Dessen is the author of six stunning teen novels: Just Listen, The Truth About Forever, Lock and Key, That Summer and Along for the Ride. She lives in the countryside in North Carolina with her daughter, husband, some lizards and two very spoilt dogs - read her once and fall in love.

Book It Happened in the Pine Barrens

    Book Details:
  • Author : Mary Casella
  • Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
  • Release : 2012-11
  • ISBN : 1479737631
  • Pages : 133 pages

Download or read It Happened in the Pine Barrens PDF, written by Mary Casella and published by Xlibris Corporation. This book was released on 2012-11 with total page 133 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: It Happened in the Pine Barrens is a compelling saga of love, death and destiny set in the heavily forested area of coastal plain stretching across southern New Jersey. Casella's newly published book transforms this Pinelands into a center of thrilling events that arouse the curiosity and excitement of fi ction fans through three riveting stories: "Snakes with Ruby Eyes," "Love and Death in the Pines" and "Closure in the Pines." "Snakes with Ruby Eyes" follows the mysterious turn of events in the life of Elizabeth Little. After the death of Catherine, artist mother and owner of The Little Antique Shop, Beth strangely inherits a huge amount of cash and a long list of questions about her parents' life. Stan Turner, who perseveringly pines for her love and affection, witnesses and supports Beth throughout her journey towards self-rediscovery. "Love and Death in the Pines" picks up the story from where the fi rst tale left off. It revolves around the entwined destiny of two disparate people Dr. James Bradley, a physician and an undercover FBI agent, and Dr. Meghan Malloy, an art history professor. They met at the opening of The Pines Antique Shop. James was invited by his friend, Meghan's aunt, now proprietor of The Pines Antique Shop (previously The Little Antique Shop). Meg had created an art gallery for the shop to display the artwork of Catherine Little. Both never knew that a chance encounter would lead them to love. "Closure in the Pines" completes the trilogy in stunning fashion. James wants to resign from the FBI to work as a physician at a Veterans Administration hospital. His resignation is denied. Meghan returns to her teaching position. While fi nalizing some cases, Meghan suddenly disappears. A manhunt ensues. Drug traffi cking and gunfi ght also makes this fi nal story a perfect closing salvo. However, as one of the characters aptly put it, "There is no closure in the crime business." Creatively blending fast-paced drama, mystery and romance with the slow-paced life in Pine Barrens, Casella has successfully put the place on the map for another remarkable reason. It Happened in the Pine Barrens is a book that leaves readers deeply satisfi ed yet eagerly longing for answers to more questions inherent in the saga.

Book Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism

Download or read Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism PDF, written by Toril Moi and published by OUP Oxford. This book was released on 2008-02-14 with total page 416 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) is the founder of modern theater, and his plays are performed all over the world. Yet in spite of his unquestioned status as a classic of the stage, Ibsen is often dismissed as a fuddy-duddy old realist, whose plays are of interest only because they remain the gateway to modern theater. In Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism , Toril Moi makes a powerful case not just for Ibsen's modernity, but for his modernism. Situating Ibsen in his cultural context, she shows how unexpected his rise to world fame was, and the extent of his influence on writers such Shaw, Wilde, and Joyce who were seeking to escape the shackles of Victorianism. Henrik Ibsen and the Birth of Modernism also rewrites nineteenth-century literary history; positioning Ibsen between visual art and philosophy, the book offers a critique of traditional theories of the opposition between realism and modernism. Modernism, Moi argues, arose from the ruins of idealism, the dominant aesthetic paradigm of the nineteenth century. She also shows why Ibsen still matters to us today, by focusing on two major themes-his explorations of women, men, and marriage and his clear-eyed chronicling of the tension between skepticism and the everyday. This radical new account places Ibsen in his rightful place alongside Baudelaire, Flaubert, and Manet as a founder of European modernism.

Book It Happened to Me

    Book Details:
  • Author : Judy Nolen
  • Publisher : iUniverse
  • Release : 2014-12-09
  • ISBN : 1491751894
  • Pages : 248 pages

Download or read It Happened to Me PDF, written by Judy Nolen and published by iUniverse. This book was released on 2014-12-09 with total page 248 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Elizabeth Johnsons life has been like a constant roller coaster ride since the time she was born. Being born with a special gift to pick up people emotions was a blessing and a curse to her. A blessing because she was able to help so many people make it through some hard times. A curse because she found herself in the middle of so much drama. Born to an alcoholic mother and not knowing her father she felt like she never knew who she really was. Journalizing was always therapeutic for her because it allowed her to release her deepest thoughts when words from her mouth were lost. Elizabeth lost her memory because of a bad storm but she never lost her love for God. Her parents were killed in a bad car accident. She found herself alone with no parents to lean on except her grandmother, who also eventually passed away. With her lack of understanding and desire to be loved, she found herself part of the statistics, a pregnant teen mom. She lost her baby because of medical issues and found herself deeply depressed and bitter. Her best friend Emily just left and no one had any information as to what happened to her. She felt like God didnt love her because he kept taking the people she loved away. Going through life Elizabeth felt alone, lonely and lost. She did not know who she was, where she came from or why she even existed. The people she allowed in her life loved her but also dreaded her because she was always opinionated. As she goes on this journey called life, she finds her true purpose. She also realizes God never left her. He was just building her up for something special.

Book It Happened in Louisiana

    Book Details:
  • Author : Bonnye Stuart
  • Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
  • Release : 2015-09-03
  • ISBN : 1493015907
  • Pages : 160 pages

Download or read It Happened in Louisiana PDF, written by Bonnye Stuart and published by Rowman & Littlefield. This book was released on 2015-09-03 with total page 160 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: True Tales from the Pelican State—from the longest Civil War battle to one of history’s worst man-made disasters Louisiana is well known for its spicy gumbo, Cajun music, and horrific hurricanes, but few may know why Tarzan once swung through the piney woods, how an entrepreneur used a land auction to build a town in a day, or how one man’s vision drew thousands of miracle-seekers to an empty field for over twenty years. It Happened in Louisiana goes behind the scenes to tell these stories and many more, in short episodes that reveal the intriguing people and events that have shaped the Pelican State. Discover how a well-drilling job gone awry turned an entire freshwater lake into a 1,300-foot-deep saltwater pit—and temporarily created the state’s tallest waterfall—in a matter of 48 hours. Relive the night that a life-changing performance finally put a world-famous rock 'n' roll legend on the path to fame. Learn the many disturbing reasons that one Louisiana prison—which today has its own radio station and annually hosts the longest-running prison rodeo in the United States—was once named the “worst prison in America.” Read about a determined, compassionate doctor from New Orleans who created a place of refuge and healing in his attempt to cure societal castaways who suffered from “the illness you do not talk about.” Bonnye Stuart is a tenth-generation New Orleanian who got her B.A. at Louisiana State University and her M.A. from the University of New Orleans. She is the author of It Happened in New Orleans, More than Petticoats: Remarkable Louisiana Women, and Louisiana Curiosities (all Globe Pequot Press) and Discovering Vintage New Orleans and Haunted New Orleans (both Rowman & Littlefield) and she lives in Tega Cay, SC.