Book Meant to Be

    Book Details:
  • Author : Lauren Morrill
  • Publisher : Delacorte Press
  • Release : 2012-11-13
  • ISBN : 0375987118
  • Pages : 304 pages

Download or read Meant to Be PDF, written by Lauren Morrill and published by Delacorte Press. This book was released on 2012-11-13 with total page 304 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: A girl with it all planned out discovers a romance she never expected in this funny debut about a class trip to London that says you’ll love “if you’re into swoony romances with a little bit of history thrown in.” This spring break, Julia's rules are about to get defenestrated (SAT word: to be thrown from a window) when she's partnered with her personal nemesis, class-clown Jason, on a school trip to London. After one wild party, Julia starts receiving romantic texts . . . from an unknown number! Jason promises to help discover the identity of her mysterious new suitor if she agrees to break a few rules along the way. And thus begins a wild goose chase through London, leading Julia closer and closer to the biggest surprise of all: true love. Because sometimes the things you least expect are the most meant to be. *** "Readers of Jennifer E. Smith and Stephanie Perkins will revel in this debate about love ruled by the stars or as a matter of the heart." --Shelf Awareness "Fun, fresh and irresistibly romantic. STB (SURE to be) loved!" --Sarah Mlynowski “Star-crossed characters, hilarious dialogue, and a perfect London setting. I loved Meant to Be!” –Robin Benway, author of Emmy & Oliver

Book Meant to Be

    Book Details:
  • Author : Melody Carlson
  • Publisher : Multnomah
  • Release : 2009-02-19
  • ISBN : 0307563111
  • Pages : 272 pages

Download or read Meant to Be PDF, written by Melody Carlson and published by Multnomah. This book was released on 2009-02-19 with total page 272 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Kim’s World Turns Upside Down When Kim’s mom is diagnosed with cancer, Natalie steps in, as true friends will do, to round up hundreds of people to pray for Mrs. Peterson’s healing. Her health begins to improve, and Kim’s love life begins to flourish…but with a non-Christian. Natalie warns Kim to break off the relationship, but is that just because she’s jealous? Or is God trying to speak to Kim through Natalie’s counsel? When her mom’s health suddenly declines again, Kim blames herself. Maybe she never should have become involved with Matthew, especially as she’s tempted to give in to his pressure to have sex. Kim’s faith is hanging in the balance. She wants to believe that prayer will prevail, but the obstacles seem so big… Thursday, December 29 My dad and I are both feeling a little torn about Mom right now. On one hand, we all act like everything is just peachy, perfectly normal. But at the same time, it’s like we’re walking on eggshells too. Like we’re all thinking the same thing–is this our last Christmas all together? Kim Peterson’s mom has stage four ovarian cancer, and Kim’s done enough research online to know the odds are dismal. But Kim and her best friend, Natalie McCabe, and a lot of other people are praying that God will heal her mom. Kim’s mom makes her promise that she’ll continue with life as normal: Nat, youth group, violin, her Just Ask Jamie newspaper column, even hanging out with Matthew. But how can life be normal with cancer hanging over your head like a dark cloud? And then she’s getting flak from Natalie because Matthew’s not a Christian, and Nat’s afraid he’ll drag Kim down. But Nat’s dating life isn’t exactly smooth sailing, either. Both girls are praying a lot–and waiting to find out what’s meant to be. Reader’s guide included Story Behind the Book “My teenage years remain vivid in my mind. It was a turbulent time, full of sharp contrasts–love and hate, pain and pleasure, trust and doubt. Then, just as I reached my peak of questioning, rebelling, and seeking, I found God. And I found Him in a really big way! My life turned completely around and has, thankfully, never turned back. Hopefully this story will touch and change hearts–speaking to teen girls right where they live, reminding readers that God is alive and well and ready to be intimately involved in their lives right now!” –Melody Carlson

Book Meant to Be

    Book Details:
  • Author : Rita Coburn Whack
  • Publisher : One World
  • Release : 2008-11-25
  • ISBN : 0345509927
  • Pages : 320 pages

Download or read Meant to Be PDF, written by Rita Coburn Whack and published by One World. This book was released on 2008-11-25 with total page 320 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: In a novel reminiscent of the work of Maya Angelou and Ntozake Shange, Rita Coburn Whack tells the story of how a young woman’s spiritual awakening leads her to maturity and self-fulfillment. When Meant to Be opens, thirteen-year-old Patience Jan Campbell is called upon to read and interpret her favorite scripture for the church congregation: “I think this scripture means that children know every shut eye ain’t sleep and every head bowed ain’t praying, so grown-ups ain’t fooling us or God. . . . So nobody should hold a child back from God just ’cause they may be having trouble finding Him.” But a traumatic experience causes Jan to stumble and lose her “voice.” Unable to turn to those around her, she calls for her grandmother Hannah—who died before Jan was born—in prayer. Unbeknownst to Jan, Hannah does come, and through her wise eyes we follow Jan into her early twenties as she moves to the big city, goes to college, and begins a career. A reflective father, a misunderstood mother, a sage aunt, and two pivotal lovers all build emotional bridges that help Jan progress on her journey to womanhood.


    Book Details:
  • Author : Maggie McGinnis
  • Publisher : Laurel Warren
  • Release : 2022-06-26
  • ISBN : 1733354786
  • Pages : 260 pages

Download or read MEANT TO BE PDF, written by Maggie McGinnis and published by Laurel Warren. This book was released on 2022-06-26 with total page 260 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: *** Formerly published in 2017 by Penguin Random House under the same title, this book has not been revised from the original. *** Hailed by Christie Craig as “a witty new voice in contemporary romance,” Maggie McGinnis takes readers back to Montana’s sexiest dude ranch, where anyone can start over, and falling in love is just a beautiful twist of fate. At twenty-eight, Shelby Quinn’s already a has-been. Scooped off a country stage at sixteen and remolded into glittery pop princess Tara Gibson, she toured the country for a decade, playing to sold-out stadiums while slowly losing her soul. Now her sales are waning, and when her beloved father dies in a fiery plane crash, she finally comes apart at the seams. Alone and brokenhearted, she hides away at Whisper Creek Ranch, never expecting to meet a man who understands her in a way no one else ever has. Cooper Davis was one of Boston’s top detectives—until a bogus investigation cost him his badge, his family, and almost his life. Now he’s wrangling horses and guests at Whisper Creek Ranch, while keeping one eye firmly on a super-secret VIP holed up in a private cabin—a beautiful, soulful singer who knows what it’s like to lose everything. Cooper and Shelby both have ample reason to guard their hearts. But if they can learn to trust each other, something magical awaits them under the big skies and bright stars. Reviews ** TOP PICK! ** Ms. McGinnis has become one of my go-to authors for contemporary romance, because she knows how to entertain readers with a story that provides plenty of emotion, witty banter and a hot romance that does justice to the couple’s strong chemistry. ~ Harlequin Junkie Wow. Wow. Wow. Can this series get any better? With every new book in this amazing series I find myself wishing harder and harder that Whisper Creek really existed … Every time I reach the end of a new book, I think Mrs. McGinnis won’t be able to write anything better. Then a new book comes out and she sweeps me off my feet. Again. And again. And again … The thing I love the most about these books is that there is always the perfect combination of romanticism, suspense and chemistry while keeping it clean. Maggie McGinnis books always make your heart race and pull you right into the story, making you root for the characters from the first page. ~ Roberta’s Dream World I have loved every book in this series, but there was something extra special about Meant to Be making it a fast favorite in this series. ~ Simply Love Book Reviews Well-written, with realistic dialogues and endearing characters. Romantic and engaging. There’s something in the water in Whisper Creek, once you start drinking it, you just can’t leave! Just magical! ~ Aaly and the Books If you are looking for a sweet, fun and engaging story, you have found it! ~ Wicked Reads With a perfect mix of sweet, tender love, humor and heartache the new installment to the Whisper Creek series stole my heart. ~ Books and Spoons Reviews

Book Meant to Be

    Book Details:
  • Author : Ann Major
  • Publisher : Major Press LLC
  • Release : 2019-11-18
  • ISBN : 1942473036
  • Pages : 171 pages

Download or read Meant to Be PDF, written by Ann Major and published by Major Press LLC. This book was released on 2019-11-18 with total page 171 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: “Want it all? Read Ann Major.” –New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts “Ann Major’s name on the cover instantly identifies the book as a good read.” –New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown The third book in USA Today bestselling Texas romance author Ann Major’s ANN MAJOR CLASSICS: Men of the West series, is the passionate love story of two people whose pasts make it difficult for them to believe in each other and take a second chance. HEART OF STONE When it comes to making love, Boone Dexter is sensual and passionate—everything Leslie Grant desires—until he tells her that he’ll never open his heart again. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? Leslie knows too well the dangers of falling for a man who can’t care for her. So, why did she invite this rugged stranger into her bed the first night she met him? When she finds out he’s her new boss, should she let him fire her? Or… take a stand… and risk everything in the hope that her tenderness might heal his wounded heart? The MEN OF THE WEST series of romance novels includes: Wild Lady The Fairy Tale Girl Meant to Be Golden Man Praise for Ann Major: “No one provides hotter emotional fireworks than the fiery Ann Major.” RT Reviews Reviews WILD LADY With her first two books…(WILD LADY and A TOUCH OF FIRE) Ann Major showed us what a talented writer she is… --Phyllis, RT Reviews THE FAIRY TALE GIRL Ms. Major really creates great emotional intensity… RT Reviews MEANT TO BE Good, sexy story you should enjoy. I know I did! Ann Major has this type of story down pat! Sizzling sex and passion. –RT Reviews

Book Meant to Be

    Book Details:
  • Author : Alexandra Isobel
  • Publisher : Alexandra ISOBEL
  • Release : 2022-08-25
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : 107 pages

Download or read Meant to Be PDF, written by Alexandra Isobel and published by Alexandra ISOBEL. This book was released on 2022-08-25 with total page 107 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: TAKE FLIGHT After finally admitting he loves her, he let himself loose beneath her silk sheets. Now the embassy is overrun with rebels, and he must get her to safety, but when the time comes can he let her go? FIND HER KEEP HER He is an ex-Russian gangster. She is his African American queen. When she goes on a rampage to burn down their world, he is desperate to find and stop her. EVER AFTER Santiago and Katherine have been happily married for the past ten years, until she learns about his plans to marry a Jordanian Princess.

Book Meant to be Family

    Book Details:
  • Author : Marion Lennox
  • Publisher : Harlequin
  • Release : 2015
  • ISBN : 0373070322
  • Pages : 256 pages

Download or read Meant to be Family PDF, written by Marion Lennox and published by Harlequin. This book was released on 2015 with total page 256 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Midwife Emily Evans has just pieced together her own little family - now her husband Oliver's return changes everything. It's clear that what they once had isn't over, but if Oliver wants her back he'll have to believe that being a dad can finally heal his heart ... Midwives On-Call: Midwives, mothers and babies - lives changing for ever ...!

Book Meant to Be Yours

    Book Details:
  • Author : Susan Mallery
  • Publisher : HQN Books
  • Release : 2019-10-22
  • ISBN : 1488054231
  • Pages : 384 pages

Download or read Meant to Be Yours PDF, written by Susan Mallery and published by HQN Books. This book was released on 2019-10-22 with total page 384 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: In Happily Inc, love means never having to say “I do”… Wedding coordinator Renee Grothen isn’t meant for marriage. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, plan. But she never could have planned on gorgeous, talented thriller writer Jasper Dembenski proposing—a fling. And the attraction between them is too strong for Renee to resist. Now she can have her no-wedding cake…and eat it, too. After years in the military, Jasper is convinced he’s too damaged for relationships. So a flirtation—and more—with fiery, determined Renee is way too good to pass up…until his flame becomes his muse. Renee is an expert at averting every crisis. But, as feelings become more serious, is she finally ready to leap into the one thing that can never be controlled: love? Don't miss The Summer Getaway by Susan Mallery where one woman discovers the beauty in chaos in a poignant and heartwarming story about the threads that hold family together. Read more in the reader-favorite Happily Inc series: Book 1: You Say It First Book 2: Second Chance Girl Book 3: Why Not Tonight Book 4: Not Quite Over You Book 5: Meant to Be Yours Book 6: Happily This Christmas

Book Meant to be Married

    Book Details:
  • Author : Barbara Samuel
  • Publisher : Twin Creek Press
  • Release : 2016-09-20
  • ISBN : 1937688224
  • Pages : 250 pages

Download or read Meant to be Married PDF, written by Barbara Samuel and published by Twin Creek Press. This book was released on 2016-09-20 with total page 250 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: IF ONLY THEY HAD MARRIED, ALL THOSE YEARS AGO… A RITA award winning novel. Once upon a time, Elias and Sarah fell in love despite their warring families. On a dark and terrible night, the two were brutally separated, an act that carried tragic consequences for the young lovers. Sarah fled and for more than a decade, she and Elias have carried the dark secret that haunts them both. Now Sarah is back in town, weary of the long war with her father and tired of running. She’s not prepared for the bitterness in Eli’s eyes, nor for the way her blood sizzles and her heart soars in his company. Nothing has changed. The love that burned them to cinders when they were young still carries enough heat to destroy them. MEN OF THE LAND: As untamed as the land they love, these rugged heroes are irresistible!

Book The Love That Was Meant to Be

    Book Details:
  • Author : Pastor Darryl Riley
  • Publisher : Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
  • Release : 2022-11-03
  • ISBN : 1098050622
  • Pages : 33 pages

Download or read The Love That Was Meant to Be PDF, written by Pastor Darryl Riley and published by Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.. This book was released on 2022-11-03 with total page 33 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The author of this book come from very humble beginnings, the seventh child of nine children. He was raised to be a God-fearing man, to respect others, and to be a help to all that he could. The inspiration for his book actually came from the woman that he eventually married and later fathered two beautiful children with. The wait has finally ended for him as he was unsure which direction to take, while he was contemplating his next move on what to write about. Then it dawned upon him that his story of love was a very unique story that should be shared with the whole world. Not only is it a story of love and fidelity, but a story of how God can match two people together in a very unique bond. As you read the account, open your heart and mind to the most wonderful steps it takes to find true romance, to what it will take to have a meaningful relationship. The author wished many times that he could find his lovely wife, long before he did. But as the saying goes, better late than never. This book is designed for each individual to do some soul-searching while you seek to find your soul mate. Hope you enjoy reading this book, it will inspire you, and motivate you to be with the one you were meant to be with in life.

Book So Not Meant To Be

    Book Details:
  • Author : Meghan Quinn
  • Publisher : Random House
  • Release : 2022-08-18
  • ISBN : 1405955813
  • Pages : 279 pages

Download or read So Not Meant To Be PDF, written by Meghan Quinn and published by Random House. This book was released on 2022-08-18 with total page 279 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The steamy and addictive workplace-enemies-to-lovers, When-Harry-Met-Sally-inspired romance from bestselling author Meghan Quinn 'JP IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE' 5***** Reader Review 'OBSESSED' 5***** Reader Review 'A HOT, SWEET AND HILARIOUS ENEMIES TO LOVERS ROMANCE' 5***** Reader Review _______ Am I in love with JP Cane? Ha! He certainly thinks so . . . He's annoyingly loud, obnoxiously handsome, and having watched When Harry Met Sally is convinced that men and women can't just be friends. So when we have to fly to San Francisco for work and stay in the same penthouse, I'm happy to prove him wrong. Yet with his continuous flirting and his polished good looks, I'm soon finding it hard to sleep at night. But guess who can control herself? This girl. Because if there is one thing I know for certain, it's that JP Cane is wrong. Men and women CAN just be friends and we are SO not meant to be . . . _______ Full of simmering sexual tension, how long will Kelsey and JP Cane resist the chemistry between them? 'Once again, I was laughing out loud through this entire book!' Elle's Book Blog 'In true Meghan Quinn style, this story was an easy read with steamy scenes. Steamy is not even a strong enough word. These scenes were panty-melting hot and I love each one of them...So Not Meant to Be made me blush, smile, laugh, and lose myself in the story' A Soccer Mom's Book Blog 'So Not Meant To Be can be read as a standalone, but if you haven't read A Not So Meet Cute I highly recommend binging the two books. You won't regret it' A Novel Glimpse Praise for Meghan Quinn 'I can't get enough of her writing. Her books are my romantic comedy happy place' A Novel Glimpse 'Meghan is an absolute QUEEN when it comes to writing stories that are not only funny but have a lot of heart in them too' Elle's Book Blog

Book The Meant To Be One

    Book Details:
  • Author : Tawdra Kandle
  • Publisher : Tawdra Kandle Romance
  • Release : 2019-06-04
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : pages

Download or read The Meant To Be One PDF, written by Tawdra Kandle and published by Tawdra Kandle Romance. This book was released on 2019-06-04 with total page pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: Welcome to Burton, a small town just west of Savannah where the men are sexy, the women are sassy and happily-ever-afters are a specialty of the house. Ashley I have spent most of my life taking care of other people, whether it was my mother, my friends or the many clients at my hair salon. I’m used to playing the role of sidekick, best friend or supporting character, even though deep down, I long for my own secret dreams to have a chance to bloom. When I meet Zane Fletcher, the new lawyer in Burton, it's insta-lust . . . but I soon realize he's already smitten with someone else, even if Zane himself doesn't seem to know it. I want to help him find his happiness . . . but damn, I wish it was with me. Zane I caught a lucky break when one of the first people I met in Burton was Ashley Webbar. She gave me a haircut on the house, but it was her sweet sass and charm that really captivated me. I want to let her know that I think I’m falling for her. But every time I try to make my move, she changes the subject, diverts and deflects. I’d think she wasn’t interested except that her eyes tell a different story. Getting her to give us a chance just might require a Christmas miracle . . . and a fruitcake.

Book Maybe We Were Meant to be Maybe

    Book Details:
  • Author : Damaris Bromeis
  • Publisher : Books on Demand
  • Release : 2020-08-21
  • ISBN : 3751982515
  • Pages : 166 pages

Download or read Maybe We Were Meant to be Maybe PDF, written by Damaris Bromeis and published by Books on Demand. This book was released on 2020-08-21 with total page 166 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: some relations are neither meant to be nor not meant to be. some are just meant to be uncertain of what they are. five years worth of poetry about going back and forth in love, or whatever that was.

Book Words that never meant to be said

Download or read Words that never meant to be said PDF, written by Mishti Nagrath and published by Verses Kindler Publication. This book was released on with total page 88 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: The woe of unsaid words is a woe that haunts us all. It lingers as a gulp in our throat and suffocates us, and suffocates billions of stories along with it. ‘Words that were never said’ is an anthology that gives a platform to some of those suppressed voices. The co-authors of this book have penned down their stories in the form of poetry, prose, open letters, and short stories and gave us heart-touching pieces of art. Through this book, we hope you find the sound to your silence like all our authors did.

Book The New Civil Court Manual

Download or read The New Civil Court Manual PDF, written by India and published by . This book was released on 1883 with total page 1112 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt:

Book The Living Age

    Book Details:
  • Author :
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 1883
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : pages

Download or read The Living Age PDF, written by and published by . This book was released on 1883 with total page pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt:

Book Atlantic Reporter

    Book Details:
  • Author :
  • Publisher :
  • Release : 1897
  • ISBN :
  • Pages : 1214 pages

Download or read Atlantic Reporter PDF, written by and published by . This book was released on 1897 with total page 1214 pages. Available in PDF, EPUB and Kindle. Book excerpt: